About us:

Our investment company offers to make a pretty penny in purchasing and selling property such as development projects in residential, retail, and commercial.

Our main goal for the last 12 years is to suck as much money from the property market as possible, looking for great opportunities in property market of Ukraine.

We offer to invest in projects in the construction sector where we will do 100% work at all stages – starting from the land registration and obtaining all permissions and finishing by selling ready-made property to the final buyer.

Our Investment Company offers also co-investment and welcomes foreign individuals and legal entities to share participation.

The main idea of the company is delivering the very best investment products and diversify the portfolio of your businesses through the efficient mechanisms and processes of work and appropriate ability to communicate with each buyer of our real estate to make aggressive sales. Increasing the turnover we are increasing the potential opportunities in making more money and in satisfying all needs of our investors.

Skilled due diligence of the projects, along with the professional construction management, allow us to deliver projects on schedule and within the mentioned budget, making us a trusted partner in even the most complex and unpredictable construction scenarios.

Quality and pedantic approach to an every single detail in work and relations with the partners, ability to be heard and to listen attentively everyone with whom we deal, minimizing the risks are the central keys to everything we do. Being attentive, being responsible, discussing everything straight forward, making detailed reports is in the blood of each staff member in the company. It is both: an ability to use your brains and ability to negotiate and find compromises during the fulfillment of each step of the work.

Integrity is a fundamental part to the strength of our reputation and the quality of the relationships we have with many longstanding clients. We believe in a “no underwater stones” approach that relies on detailed preparation, open and clear communication, and a simple commitment to do what we promise.

Challenge is something that we embrace as part of our approach to every project. We foster innovation and creativity, alongside experience and skillful execution, as part of our culture. Because of this, many clients have selected us for projects in which complex challenges must be overcome to produce successful incomes.