Investment portfolio

With real estate being a part of the capital allocation decisions of both institution and retail investors, there has been increasing development in real estate funds. Due to the capital intensity of real estate investing, its requirement for active management and the rise in global real estate opportunities, institutions are gradually moving to real estate funds of funds to allow for appropriate asset management.

The same is true for retail investors, who now have a much larger selection of real estate mutual funds, allowing for efficient capital allocation and diversification. Like any other investment sector, real estate has its benefits and its disadvantages. However, real estate should be considered for most investment portfolios, and real estate investment trusts and real estate mutual funds may be the best methods to fill that allocation.

Tailored to meet your investment goals

Supplemental Income

Designed for an investor with a moderate-term investment horizon who is looking to create an additional passive income stream to supplement their existing income.

Balanced Investing

Designed for an investor with a moderate to long-term investment horizon who is looking to maximize diversification, and may be new to investing outside of the stock market. You’ll continually unlock access to new investment opportunities.

Long-Term Growth

Designed for an investor with a long-term investment horizon that is looking to maximize their total return and who may be comfortable with more variability year to year.